Parallel-META 3.5 Released

  Parallel-META is a comprehensive and full-automatic computational toolkit for rapid data mining among metagenomic datasets. Both metagenomic shotgun sequences and 16S/18S/ITS rRNA amplicon sequences are accepted. Based on parallel algorithms and optimizations, Parallel-META 3 can achieve a very high speed compare to traditional microbiome analysis pipelines. Now the Parallel-META 3 version 3.5 is available at

  The following functions have been updated in the new version of Parallel-META 3. 

  •     a. Support of ITS sequences;
  •     b. Support of OTU table format for PM-pipeline (-T);
  •     c. Support of OTU table format for PM-rand-rare (-T);
  •     d. Added PM-predict-func-contribute to calculate the contribution of OTUs to functional profiles;
  •     e. IO format and performance optimization;
  •     f. Warning and error information in error.log;
  •     g. Removed PM-split-table and PM-split-matrix;
  •     h. Changed some binary file names for easy understanding;


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