Our Research Field


  • Microbiota & Microbiome analysis solution: We focus on the professional in-depth data mining among large scale of microbial communities in multiple angles to reveal valuable biological information from big data.
  • Multi-Omics analysis: We aim to develop new methods for combining different types of omics data -- genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics, metabolomics and network-omic -- from high-throughput sequencing facilities, and interpret gene regulation process, gene expression dynamics, etc.

  • Single-cell analysis: Single-cell Raman spectrum, single-cell genomics and single-cell images are our methods for research on microbial biology in single-cell

  • Software & Algorithm development: A team consist by software engineers and biologists dedicate on high efficiency and easy accessed software development based on the latest techniques for scientific researches in different areas including (but not limited) microbiome, multi-omics and single-cell fields.

  • High-performance computing: We design parallel computing and optimization for high-throughput data processing based on CPU clusters and GPGPU, with our brilliant collaborators, aiming to accelerate the metagenomic, multi-omics and single-cell analysis efficiency with big-data.

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