Parallel-META 3.4.4 Released

Parallel-META is a comprehensive and full-automatic computational toolkit for rapid data mining among metagenomic datasets. Both metagenomic shotgun sequences and 16S/18S rRNA amplicon sequences are accepted. Based on parallel algorithms and optimizations, Parallel-META 3 can achieve a very high speed compare to traditional microbiome analysis pipelines. Now the Parallel-META 3 version 3.4.4 is available at

The following functions have been updated in the new version of Parallel-META 3.

  • Added the new function of output list for PM-class-func, default is True. If PM-class-func is called by PM-pipeline, this new function will be turned off.
  • Fixed the visualization bug in Principle Component Analysis (PM_Pca.R) and Principle Co-ordinate Analysis (PM_Pcoa.R).


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