• Introduction
  • Meta-Storms 2 is a microbiome database system to systematically and efficiently organize and search microbiome samples. It includes the following components: (i) creating a database with reference microbiome samples, and (ii) searching for matched samples against the database with given query microbiome sample(s) based on phylogeny similarities. By the advanced indexing algorithm, Meta-Storms 2 provides an extremely high and constant searching speed even in very large data repository.

    The online system with Microbiome Search Engine is now open at The Meta-Storms scoring function algorithm has been integrated in Parallel-META 3 to compute the phylogeny based similarity among microbiome samples.

    The standalone Meta-Storms 2 now is pre-released (version std 2.0).

  • Input pre-computation
  • The input samples should be pre-computed by Parallel-META 3.

  • Download
  • Now a pre-release version std 2.0 is available for download (CentOS 7 64bit).

  • Publications
  • Xiaoquan Su, Xuetao Wang, Gongchao Jing, Kang Ning. GPU-Meta-Storms: Computing the structure similarities among massive amount of microbial community samples using GPU. Bioinformatics 2013; doi: 10.1093/bioinformatics/btt736

    Xiaoquan Su, Jian Xu, Kang Ning. Meta-Storms: Efficient Search for Similar Microbial Communities Based on a Novel Indexing Scheme and Similarity Score for Metagenomic Data. Bioinformatics 2012; doi: 10.1093/bioinformatics/bts470

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