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RNA-QC-Chain is a comprehensive and fast RNA-Seq data quality control (QC) method. It contains three steps to provide a highly efficient QC solution for RNA-Seq data. Firstly, it assesses and trims low sequencing-quality reads using the software Parallel-QC. Secondly, by aligning read to SILVA database (a comprehensive rRNA database), rRNA reads could be identified and filtered. The extracted rRNA reads are also used to screen of contaminating species (to determine their existence and to identify the species). Finally, multiple alignment metrics are provided to evaluate the quality of the RNA-Seq data by a tool named SAM-stats. Parallel computation was implemented in RNA-QC-Chain, which could significantly accelerate its processing speed.


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RNA-QC-Chain Version 1.0 (Linux X86-64)

RNA-QC-Chain Version 1.0 (Mac OS X)

RNA-QC-Chain Test Data

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