QSpec: A Raman Spectrum Acquisition and Analysis System for Single-Cell


  • Introduction
  • QSpec is an open-source framework of microorganism single-cell experimental platform that could support the full cycle of single-cell phenotyping: instrument control (including RACS platform control and microfluidic device control), single-cell image analysis, single-cell Raman profiling, single-cell profile comparison, etc. QSpec is an easy-to-use, fully-customizable, memory-efficient, fast software package that could be run on a desktop computer. Based on this system, a single-cell Raman profile database has been established based on which some database search and data-mining works have been done to discover the heterogeneity among cells under different conditions and at different time-points during differentiation.

    Figure 1. The single-cell platform's full cycle of control and data analysis

    Figure 2. single-cell image analysis

    Figure 3. Screenshot of user interface for QSpec. The single-cell entry in the list, its coordinate, its image and the Raman spectrum were shown on the same screen.

  • Download
  • Version 1.0

    Demo Video

    Users' Manual (Simplified Chinese)

  • Publication
  • Lihui R.; Xiaoquan S.; Yun W.; Jian X.; Kang N., QSpec: online control and data analysis system for single-cell Raman spectroscopy. Peer J 2014.


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