Publication of large data analysis tools Parallel-META

        Meta-genome is one of the most important existing forms of large data in microbial group. Because of the complexity, heterogeneity and exponential growth volume of the meta genome data, it is an important technical bottleneck in the industry to excavate the change law of microbial community structure and function in depth and quickly. Recently, the single-cell center of QIBEBT published a META Genome high-performance computational analysis software Parallel-META 3, which can be in-depth, comprehensive, and fast to the large number of unknown microbial group structure and function analysis, so as to analyze the disease or ecological disaster under the microbial Group Change rule (Fig. 1).

 The study was published in Scientific reports and obtained software Copyright (Registration No.: 2016 Sr053280). It was completed by  the bioinformatics team led by  the  deputy researcher Su xiaoquan , obtained the Ministry of Science and Technology 863,  Natural Science Foundation of China,  Natural Science Fund leading talent forward-looking research topics of Shandong Province  etc early support.


    Fig.1 Parallel-META

  LinkJing, et al., Parallel-META 3: Comprehensive taxonomical and functional analysis platform for efficient comparison of microbial communities, Scientific Reports, 7:40371, DOI:10.1038/srep40371,


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