The offical online of large data analysis tool Parallel-META3.4

       The microbial group (also known as the "Flora") is ubiquitous in the Earth's biosphere, and the amount of meta-data from a microbial genome can be hundreds of times as many as one human genome. Therefore, it is very important to study deeply and  analysis rapidly metagenomic data for microbial group. However, at present, the international existing genome analysis software has not been able to meet the needs of the current microbial group technology in computational precision and operation speed, and its cumbersome installation and operation steps have brought trouble to the customers at home and abroad. Therefore, Paralleta 3.4 came into being,with advanced features including sequence profiling and OTU picking, rRNA copy number calibration, functional prediction, diversity statistics, bio-marker selection, interaction network construction, vector-graph-based visualization and parallel computing , and its automatic analysis design concept greatly simplifies the installation and use of users. At the same time, thanks to global parallel computing technology, Paralleta 3.4 has a significant improvement in the performance of computing speed and data throughput,  and its workflow is shown in Fig. 1. The next step Paralleta 3 will extend to the functional analysis and evolution of microbial genes, to achieve the reconstruction and comparison of microbial group metabolic networks, and to support the efforts of the service sector in the microbial group large data Search engine MSE (

    Parallel-META is open source,and it is implemented using C++&R.The executive binary is built as an integrated package for rapid installation and easy access under Linux X86,X86-64 and Mac OS X. Both binary and source code package are available.


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