QIBEBT Researcher Obtained NVIDIA CUDA Trainer Certification

 On June 14-16, 2014, the international high-performance computing leader NVIDIA had held the first high-performance parallel computing Compute Unified Device Architecture (CUDA) trainer certification exam in China. More than 50researchers from universities, research institutes and renowned companies have attended this CUDA certification exam. Mr. WANG Xuetao from Qingdao Institute of Bioenergy and Bioprocessing Technology (QIBEBT-CAS) successfully passed this examination and was identified as one of the 12 CUDA trainers in China, who is the only one in Shandong province.

The CUDA trainer certification for Mr. WANG Xuetao by NVIDIA 
(Image by Binformatics Group, QIBEBT)
In year 2013, Binformatics Group of QIBEBT and NVIDIA co-established CUDAResearch Center in Qingdao, which is the third this kind of centers in China. Mr. WANG Xuetao is from Binformatics Group and CUDA research center. His “CUDA Trainer” title has been authorized by the NVIDIA vice president, and will be authorized to provide high-performance computing training, and award the NVIDIA certified CUDA engineer training certificate. The CUDA trainer certification will be helpful to further promote the related research and education work in QIBEBT CUDA Research Center. 
NVIDIA (NVIDIA), a Fortune 500 company, is the leader in the global high-performance parallel computing technology industry, and cooperates with many top universities and research institutions in the world to extend theparallel computing application in many study fieldsBased on the excellentresearches in the field of High-Performance Computing (HPC) for bio-energy and bio-process, QIBEBT and NVIDIA have established a joint CUDA Research Center to propel the bioinformatics research in Qingdao in 2013. Currently theQIBEBT CUDA Research Center had computational infrastructures that could achieve the floating point computing ability of 3.6 trillion times with CPU and 2trillion times with GPU per second, as well as with more than 200TB storage capacity. 
The QIBEBT CUDA Research Center is led by Professor NING Kang, who is also the leader of Bioinformatics Group. Based on GPU-CUDA parallel computing architecture, the QIBEBT CUDA Research Center has done a lot of research for biological big-data analyses in the areas of bioinformatics and bioprocess. It has published more than 10 related papers including two papers inBioinformatics and 3 papers in Scientific Reports, as well as applied for more than 10 patents and software copyrights. The HPC software developed by QIBEBT CUDA Research Center has been used by dozens of research institutes in the area of bioenergy, environment and health and other areas 
On the basis of QIBEBT CUDA Research Center, QIBEBT will continue the high-performance computing cooperation with NVIDA in biological big-data analysis for microbial communities examination, single-cell phenotype interpretationhigh-throughput sequencing data analysis and so on.  
The introduction of QIBEBT’s CUDA Research Center on NVIDIA website:  https://research.nvidia.com/content/qingdaoCAS-crc-summary 
Professor NING Kang
Email: ningkang (AT) qibebt.ac.cn
Web: http://english.qibebt.cas.cn

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