QIBEBT and NVIDIA co-Established a New CUDA Research Center


Qingdao Institute of BioEnergy and Bioprocess Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences (QIBEBT, CAS) has been partnered with NVIDIA to establish a Compute Unified Device Architecture (CUDA) Research Center (CRC) on November 5, 2013. This CRC is based on the institute’s vision, quality, and impact of research in high performance computing in bioinformatics. Currently, QIBEBT is one of the only 3 CRCs in China.

QIBEBT is a new national research institute dedicated for science and technology innovation in biology, energy and process technologies. The Computational Biology Group led by Prof. NING Kang of QIBEBT single-cell center has devoted in developing and applying novel computational solutions to enable large-scale analysis and interpretation of biological data. Their research fields include method development for metagenomics, genomics, synthetic biology and high-performance-computing, all based on “big data”; as well as electrical engineering and innovative method development for biological sciences.

NVIDIA, a Fortune-Global-500 corporation, is one of the most renowned manufacturers in the semiconductor industry that lead the parallel computing technology. The CUDA technology developed by NVIDIA has been widely utilized in various related fields, such as computational biology, weather forecast, etc. Currently there are more than 300 CRC around the world, including those in collaboration with top universities such as UCLA and Duke University, and top companies such as HP.

Computational Biology Group of QIBEBT is one of the early adopters of Graphic Processing Unit (GPU) computing using CUDA in its research and teaching. The collaboration of QIBEBT and NVIDIA has been based on their collaboration for more than 3 years, during which NVIDIA has devoted several tens of thousands of parallel computation hardware to QIBEBT. On this basis, Computational Biology Group has published more than 10 papers, including several in premium bioinformatics journals by Assist. Prof. SU Xiaoquan.

Based on the establishment of QIBEBT CRC, Computational Biology Group will continue to develop and apply advanced numerical methods and computational algorithms to applications in life-science and bioinformatics where rapid and real-time computations can transform current practice. And these efforts would facilitate key research objectives for institute including biological science, bioenergy and biological process.

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