Qspec V1.0 Download

QSpec is an open-source framework of microorganism single-cell experimental platform that could support the full cycle of single-cell phenotyping: instrument control (including RACS platform control and microfluidic device control), single-cell image analysis, single-cell Raman profiling, single-cell profile comparison, etc. QSpec is an easy-to-use, fully-customizable, memory-efficient, fast software package that could be run on a desktop computer. Based on this system, a single-cell Raman profile database has been established based on which some database search and data-mining works have been done to discover the heterogeneity among cells under different conditions and at different time-points during differentiation.

QSpec-Simu V1.0 Download

QSpec-Simu is an open-source framework of virtual microorganism single-cell experimental platform that has main advantages in the following aspects: (1)multiple single-cell phenotypes simulation, including realistic single-cell images, Raman spectra and the effects of in vivo single-cell dynamics (temporal effects, such as the Brownian motion) are simulated, (2)virtual microscope operation interfaces with microscope lens & laser lens movement, focus adjustment, microscope imaging and Raman spectra capture functions, and (3)open development portals for plug-in of different simulation algorithm, single-cell phenotypes, and microscope operations. In addition, as its open source and cross platform design, QSpec-Simu has high portability, compatibility and extensibility; Therefore, QSpec-Simu would be especially useful for evaluation of the phenotype analysis methods on microorganisms.